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Charlotte Hollingsworth Class of 1974 Passes

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Gene Lowe Class of 1952 Passes

Billy Dodd Class of 1955 Passes

Kenneth Frazee Class of 1958 Passes

Cordell Harris, Jr. Class of 1955 Passes

Ronnie Joyner Class of 1962 Passes

Carole Snyder Class of 1959 Passes

Patricia Fowler Class of 1967 Passes

Kenneth Pinkston Class of 1973 Passes

Marsha Roberts Class of 1974 Passes

James Williams Class of 1986 Passes

Kevin Rogers Class of 1980 Passes

Cayce Wyatt Class of 1961 Passes

Ina Belle Vaughn Class of 1950 Passes

Jimmie Lee Hendrix Class of 1965 Passes

Regina Arnold Class of 1974 Passes

Robert Brown Class of 1985 Passes

Gayle Lampley Class of 1966 Passes

 Ralph Mitchell Class of 1946 Passes

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Aby Hampton Class of 1995 Passes

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Michael Higdon Class of 1974 Passes

Betty Ford Class of 1957 Passes

Carolyn Bond Retired Teacher's Aid

Luke Kee Class of 1963 Passes

Karen Hampton Lifsey Class of 1968 Passes

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Dawn Pekarchick Class of 1976 Passes

hilip McMillin Class of 1969 Passes

Joan Butler Class of 1951 Passess

Glenda Robison Class of 1964 Passes 

Class of 1967 Reunion in 2022

Floyd Cole Class of 1949 Passes

Julia Cavender Class of 1951 Passes

Bobbie Jean Dove Class of 1957 Passes

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Mary Ann Pierce Class of 1967 Passes

Renee Hopper Class of 1973 Passes

Charles Melton Class of 1973 Passes

Bethany Wright Class of 1975 Passes

Mark Edward Jameson Class of 1985 Passes 

Troy Smothers Former School Board Member Passes

Natalie Park Class of 1985 Passes

John Davis Class of 1985 Passes

Added The Class of 2004

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Added Class of 2005

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Celia Harris Class of 1975 Passes

Ruth Joyner Class of 1946 Passes

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Barbara Durden Class of 1957 Passes

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Anna Atchley Class of 1966 Passes (Recent found obituary)

Sammie Larkinns Clas of 1855 Passes

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Aline Cary Class of 1947 Passes

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Joe Hendrix Class of 1974 Passes

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Christine Mathis Class of 1942 Passes

David Higdon Class of 1974 Passes

Class of 1969 Reunion in 2019

Ted Harrell Presson Class of 1967 Passes

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Ryan Bennett Class of 2008 Passes

Melba Luckett, Former Teacher Passes

Nelda King Class of 1962 Passes

Jeffrey Pierce Class of 1985 Passes



CHS Class of 1955 Reunion Information

Dear CHS 1955 Classmates,   

Please remember that our 2016 CHS Class Reunion is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2016 at the Paris Landing State Park & Conference Center. A block of 10 rooms are available until 03/01/2016 under group code 6371 and you should use this code when making reservations to qualify for the group discount. Room rates are $91.80 per night. You may reserve your room by phone (731.642.4311) or Internet 


 This is a secure web site. We will be using Conference Room B and is available 4 P.M. Friday 5/13 until 11 A.M. Sunday 5/15. All food and drinks must be supplied by the inn so we will negotiate that later. 

Again, we ask everyone to share their experiences over the past year and any other notable life experiences too. The past year has been tragic for the Class having lost so many members. Bob Wright, Kneeland and Barb Prince and Sue Griggs will be deeply missed. That’s just too many Classmates in such a short time but there is a message there and we all know what that is.  


May 13, 5 P.M. Out of Towner’s meet at restaurant for buffet. (Seafood night) 

May 14, 4-6P.M Social hours followed by buffet dinner $12.95 

  • Return to meeting room for more socializing until???
  • Business Session: Donations likely, flower fund and added expenses for social hours 

May 15, 8 A.M. Breakfast$7.95 

Please try to attend this evening dedicated to renewing old friendships and remembering our good old days at CHS. We look forward to seeing everyone and invite people from close other classes too. Dress is casual and decorations simple. Digital photo frames will be available that input standard memory cards (camera) and USB devices (flash drives). Bring your photos even hard copy. 



Joe Walker, Wansie Benson 

Sammie Andrews, Thelma McCain, Don Orr 


February 24, 2016
From: Thelma Liles McCain
Last night, Joe Martin Walker called me to discuss the reunion and see if I had any news and recommended that we all encourage all who can to attend, spouses of those class members who have left this earthly home, and other years alumni. Over the years our class has been very close and as the years pass, my classmates are more cherished than ever. Joe is really working hard to get as many there as possible and we hope you will want to come and be glad you did.
Today I called in my reservation for the class reunion of Central Class of 1955 which is described below in JOe's original letter. The clerk to whom I spoke told me there were 5 people who had registered under our group rate, for 4 rooms. Joe had requested a block of 10 rooms for our group #6371. If you have already made reservations and did not tell them this group, perhaps it would be a benefit to call and tell them you were with this group. If you have yet to register, please do so by March 1, which is next Tuesday, and that will assure you to get the reduced rate of tax included of $91.80 per night.  We do welcome other CHS Alumni who would like to be with us.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone who can come. Please plan to attend.
Happy Spring!